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We’ve helped hundreds of students turn ambitions and visions into rewarding college experiences and future careers.  From targeted exploration to application and financial aid assistance our services save time, money and stress as you navigate the college search and application process.

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My Philosophy

College is one of the top three investments in most people’s lives. I believe students deserve affordable, professional guidance.

Why Your Path?

Resources Are Scarce

From school counselors to club coaches and teachers there are knowledgeable people all around, but whether its case loads, contracts or capacity it’s difficult to get the attention one needs. 

It’s About The Future

Most people research the five pillars (academics, geography, financial, social, extra-curricular), but too often lose sight of the long-term impact of their decision (i.e. what will bring lasting value?)

Time Is Valuable

With effort most people can get to a sensible college investment – but the more time one spends organizing, planning and framing their search the less time they have for decision-making (and life).

The Full Picture

From coaches to SAT tutors there’s an expert for most aspects of the college search & application process, but experts that can guide the full process, from athletics to academics are rare.

Let’s Find Your Path Together

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Please note my College Search Starter Kits has now moved to it’s own page!  You can find the link in the menu bar.

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Do You Want to Save Time, Money and Stress?

Do You Want to Save Time, Money and Stress?

The College Search Companion e-course is finally here!  If you're looking for comprehensive college search guidance in a highly affordable, semi-on-demand format, visit to learn more!   You can also join students from all over the world in my FREE online community below to receive professional tips, tools and strategies all designed to help you make a wise college investement!

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