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Hello, I’m JulieAnne.

I help People create amazing lives.


Modern college and career consulting for a modern world…

“…I’m a firm believer that when it comes to college and career there are no outright wrong decisions, there’s always something to be learned, BUT in an increasingly complex and competitive world, it’s important we make modern decision.  In other words, it’s about more than taking an enjoyable next step at any cost; it’s about ensuring the steps you take result in the knowledge, skills, flexibility and leverage you need to create and capitalize on a lifetime of rewarding next steps.”  Read My Philosophy Here.

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My Philosophy

What makes my approach unique?  Its dual focus.  In a world where college is a life-altering, six-figure decision; and once-stable professions are becoming obsolete overnight, a modern decision is one that results in a rewarding experience, but not at the expense of your future.  As such, I work with my clients to not only find that perfect school or next job (each leading to a sustainable competitive advantage), but also teach a decision-making framework that can be leveraged to create a lifetime of rewarding next opportunities.

College: A Modern Approach

A poor college decision can introduce financial, lifestyle and career limitations that can take decades to overcome.  As such, I work with clients to understand their vision (or help them to create one); then design a college plan that gives them the greatest probability of realizing that vision.  Whether it’s through my full college exploration program, or one-off college search, application, or essay support; the aim is always the same…to find the most fulfilling, cost-effective path to your sustainable competitive advantage.

Career: Skills & Flexibility

It may be true that there has never been a more difficult time to find a stable, rewarding career (after all, with the rise of technology even becoming a doctor, lawyer or banker isn’t the “safe” play it used to be), but the world has never been as accessible as it is today either.  So finding the right path just takes a little shift in approach.  Career is now much more about choosing an enjoyable skillset, targeting opportunities, and remaining flexible than it is about choosing a lifetime profession.  I can help you do just that.


Brian Kilmeade - Parent

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a great job you did not just for my son, but for the 4 players who I was also able to send your way. You have managed to acquire the ability to make the kids feel like you are one of them and yet also understand the perspective of the parent. I just do not know of anyone else who has that skill set.

April Remfrey - Founder of Remfrey Educational Consulting

I had the pleasure of welcoming JulieAnne to present for a group of parents and educators as a part of my parent workshop series. JulieAnne is very knowledgeable about her subject area and was able to communicate that knowledge in a way that was engaging and thought-provoking. Her modern, forward-thinking perspective made the participants think critically about how to best approach post-secondary planning. We received extremely positive feedback after her presentation with parents commenting that they felt empowered to help their children with their future planning. I often recommend JulieAnne’s services to families and colleagues.

Tara - Cornell University

Just checked my admission status and I’m accepted!! I’m in a state of shock right now. I wanted to thank you for all your help and I know I never could have done it without you. You helped make my dream come true.

Bianca - Marist College

Without the help of JulieAnne and her knowledge of the college process, none of the opportunities I had at the Division I level could have turned into accomplishments. I am the only person in my family of 5 to attend college, none the less, play a Division I sport. As you can probably assume, it was a very new next chapter in my life. With her help, I picked a college that was just right for me. It opened my mind to seizing new opportunities, becoming more independent, and learning how to communicate with potential coaches in the process. Now, being a college senior makes me reflect and look back at how I got to where I am today, and JulieAnne is definitely on that list.

Dr. Lynn Pantuosco-Hensch - Assistant Professor Department of Movement Science Westfield State University

As a college professor, soccer coach, parent and former college student-athlete, I think I am truly able to appreciate what JulieAnne and Your Path Consulting do for students.  Your Path provides critical guidance for students in an individualized way. Personally, JulieAnne is smart and savvy.  In particular, she is knowledgeable and experienced about colleges, the search process, and application procedures.

Mike K - Recent Graduate (Georgetown University)

JulieAnne was truly instrumental in the entire college process. I would like to thank her for all her help, and I’m proud to say that I am going to my first choice, Georgetown, in the fall.

Ruairi McGuiness – Director of Coaching, E. Meadow Soccer Club - Academy

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you once again. The seminar was brilliant and a massive success!Just wanted to reach out and say thank you once again. The seminar was brilliant and a massive success!

Sharon and Brian - Parents

Throughout our engagement with JulieAnne, she was helpful in assisting our daughter in selecting the colleges that would best suit her both academically and athletically, and would also provide her with the true college experience we wanted for her.

JulieAnne has made this process manageable and to her credit, assisted our daughter to be committed to her dream school, University of Miami. My husband and I can only thank JulieAnne for her professionalism, her diligence and her sincere commitment to making our daughter’s dream come true.  Thank you again for all your help.


Eileen and Joe - Parents

Our son worked with JulieAnne from Fall of his Junior year year to March of his Senior year. Our concern, like many other parents of busy, and sometimes “forgetful” high school students, was the discipline needed to make sure all applications and deadlines were met.  She definitely made the process a lot easier for us, and helped him through all the steps needed for a solid, well developed college application. Much to our delight, our son was accepted to five out of six of his top choices. To every parent out there that feels overwhelmed by the college process, I would high recommend JulieAnne’s services!!!


Phil - Parent

We were introduced to JulieAnne and Your Path in 2005 when she made a presentation to our daughters high school travel soccer team. What resonated for my wife and I was how engaged the student athletes were during JulieAnne’s presentation, they knew she was “the real deal”.
Since then Julieanne has worked with our three daughters both as students and as athletes. Julieanne has became  a trusted advisor to them not only during the Application, Recruitment, Acceptance/Rejection and Ultimate Selection process but also as a sounding board and mentor when two of them were questioning their decisions during some predictable first year challenges.

About Me…

Let’s start with the fun stuff…

I’m a yogi wanna-be, standup paddle board enthusiast, a six year run-streaker, high school and college hall of fame soccer player, and a veggie and gelato lover. I am also the mom of two awesome kids and the wife of a writer & pizza-eating aficionado.

I have lived in New York, Connecticut, Chicago, Kentucky and Switzerland, and have traveled to over twenty countries. I am terrible at speaking German, which is a shame because my kids are fluent and I have taken classes for years!

I am also deeply passionate about supporting teens and young adults as they design and live their best lives!

As such, I am a NCDA Certified Career Counselor, Certified Professional School Counselor and have master’s degrees in applied psychology (Fairfield University) and psychological counseling (Columbia University).

My commitment to college and career counseling and advising began in 2002 when I took on the position of Academic Advisor for collegiate student athletes at Fairfield University. In this role I supported inter-collegiate Division-I student athletes in managing the delicate balance of academics, athletics and life. Being provided with the opportunity to help young adults manage their lives and design the future of their dreams was a role I cherished.

Upon receiving my graduate degree from Columbia University in 2007, I transitioned into a career as a high school counselor in Fairfield, CT; a position I held and adored for seven years before moving abroad. Around the same time, I was recruited by several families in the NY metro area to help their children with the college process and Your Path, a boutique college and career consulting company, was born.

Since that time I have worked with hundreds of students on the college exploration and admissions process, collegiate athletic recruiting, as well as career planning and navigation.

In my work with teens and young adults I take a modern approach focused not only on the immediate decision, but also teaching a reliable decision-making frameworks that will help them to thrive in every phase of life.

I’m accepting new clients for 2020 – 2021.  Ask a question or start with a FREE 30-minute consultation!

Your Path College Consulting is the trade name for the college and career consulting arm of Oh My Epic, LLC.  Through its founder, JulieAnne Dietz, the company has been offering college consulting services for over 12-years, and more recently career consulting services.  The company has served clients in over 10 states and three countries; and has helped hundreds of students, young professionals and families make college and career related decisions. You can contact JulieAnne via the contract form above or by emailing her at