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The World Is Rapidly Changing. Will You Be Prepared For Success?

If you’re here, you’ll likely graduate from a four-year college in 5-7 years. Which means when you leave campus many current professions will no longer exist in their current form, you’ll likely owe $40,000 or more in student debt, and compete in a professional landscape unlike any other in history – where a record number of adults also hold a degree, and technology enables organizations to find talent in every corner of the globe.

So what can you do today to create a competitive advantage tomorrow? I’ve dedicated my college consulting career to finding and sharing that answer.

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Modern techniques to create a life-long competitive advantage before your first college class.

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This six part blog series covers the key things to consider as you launch your college search.

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About JulieAnne

Ivy League Trained College Consulting Professional

I graduated from Columbia University with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 2007.  Prior to that I recieved both a Masters and Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Fairfield University, where I was a scholarship soccer player. Over the last decade I have worked as a college advisor at Fairfield University, a high school counselor in Connecticut, and as a leading college consultant; teaching my innovative college search techniques to students, athletic clubs, counseling departements and families. I am also a co-founder of the popular My Epic Run video sharing platform for runners.

Unique Framework

The difference between my framework and more traditional approaches is in the intended outcomes. My mission is to ensure every college-bound student graduates with something far more valuable than memories and a degree. Students deserve a framework for making difficult life-decision and the flexibility to pursue their ideal post-graduation life.

My Approach

Technology is reshaping the professional landscape, college costs continue to rise, debt loads are at an all time high and, because of this, it can take years to recover from a poor college decision. Which is why I’ve refined my approach to focus on post-college positioning. Gone are the days when “finding the right fit” applied only to the next four years.

My Process

My process is rooted in universal decision-making techniques. Students begin with self-exploration, design an organized process, conduct targeted research, and align their options to both near and long term criteria. By taking a strategic, step-by-step approach, and understanding why each step is imporant, students learn to make decisions with confidence.

“I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a great job you did, not just for my son, but for the four students I was also able to send your way. You have managed to acquire the ability to make the kids feel like you are one of them, yet also understand the perspective of the parent. I just do not know anyone else who has that skill set.”

Brian Kilmeade - TV Personality

“As a college professor, soccer coach, parent and former college student-athlete, I think I am truly able to appreciate what JulieAnne does for students…she provides critical guidance for students…in the past, when she has worked with my high school and club soccer players, she has helped them identify their goals and objectives, create timelines, critique essays and more.”

Lynn Pantuoso-Hensch - College Professor

Why Make a Six-Figure Decision Alone?

Sometimes all you need to make a wise college decision is the right piece of guidance at the right time. Which is why I created the YOUR PATH COLLEGE CONSULTING ONLINE COMMUNITY where I share tips, tools and advice, answer your most burning college questions via email, and much more. Join the FREE COMMUNITY to get a closer look at my EIGHT-STEP PROCESS and start dominating your college search TODAY!

A Modern Approach to College Consulting

Demand More From Your College Search

What is the basis of your college consulting philosophy?

Over the last decade I’ve seen hundreads of students make a college decision, graduate, then enter the next phase of their lives – and overtime I’ve observed that it is often secondary factors, like reduced debt-load and confident decision-making, that drive post-graduation happiness and success. So my aim is to help students think more strategically about their future and how the decisions they make today impact their ability to live the life they want tomorrow. More specifically, I want to help students leverage the college process to not only make a decision that promotes future success, but to also learn how to make difficult decisions with confidence throughout their life.

Why did you create Your Path College Consulting?

Those of you who have read the first part of my College Search College Kit know that I got my college decision right…by complete luck. And because I didn’t use the process to learn a reliable decision-making framework, and didn’t treat my decisions like an investment, I got my graduate school decision very wrong – and it took nearly five-years to recover. So as the stakes continue to rise, I’ve shifted my focus from high school counseling to creating and sharing resources and guidance that bring greater lifelong context to the college decision process and teach valuable life skills to as many students as possible through Your Path.

Do You Think Everyone Should Use a College Consultant?

Everyone? Absolutely not! For me the decision largely depends on your goals and your needs. College consultants can save you time, bring new perspectives and ideas to your search, and help develop outside-the-box strategies if your ambitions are bigger than your profile. That said, I’ve found most families are capable of conducting an excellent search and making a wise decision without spending thousands of dollars on a consultant. There is often a misconception that college consultants do the work for you, but this isn’t the case. Good consultants provide ideas and guidance, but insist the student does the research and self-exploration necessary to make a wise decision about their own future. For this reason I’m also sharing my entire search program in an affordable, easy to use eBook, which is coming soon!

What is your #1 Tip for Students? For Parents?

My #1 tip for college-bound students is to focus as much on the process as the outcome. College will come and go, but there will be a lifetime of choices waiting on the other side, so the best thing we can do to promote a successful life is learn a reliable process for making difficult decisions with a high likelihoodof success. For parents my #1 tip is to realize you have something no seventeen year-old does – a lifetime of expeirence making difficult decisions. As such, the best thing you can do is allow your student to choose their own path, but ensure they are considering every angle and learning how to make decisions with real life implications.

Do you offer college consulting services?

On a limited basis, yes. Each year I work with a handful of students, providing extensive one-on-one support, but only where I feel direct college consulting will be a value-add approach. If you are interested in exploring your options you can always email me to discuss your situation and determine the best way forward. I’m always happy to share my views and ultimately believe most families can make an informed decision with some light-touch guidance. In short, I’m happy to talk and promise no pushing sales techniques, just my honest guidance on your personal situation.

How Should I get started with my college search?

My first recommendation is to read my College Search Starter Kit. It’s designed to help you build a foundation from which to launch a successful college search. After that I would encourage you to sign-up for my free Your Path College Consulting Online Community where I share tips, tools, advice and even answer emails from members – offering my professional opinion on key topics free of charge. Finally, I would recommend you either send me an email to discuss your situation, or keep your eye out my eBook – particularly before investing thousands of dollars into a college consultant. As I said before, I think most families can reach a wise decision with a little light-touch guidance, and even if you do decide to work with a consultant, this book will be designed to guide students step-by-step through the most critical aspects of any college search process.

Because Every Six-Figure Decision Deserves Professional Guidance.

Sometimes all you need to make a wise college decision is the right piece of guidance at the right time, which is why I have condensed 15-years of college consulting experience into a new eBook – sharing my approach to the college search process and guiding students to a new kind of “right fit” – i.e. one that not only delivers a rewarding four-year experience and diploma, but also creates a post-graduation platform for lifelong opportunity, happiness and success!

Execute the 8-Steps of an effective college search

Benefit from detailed guidance on how to complete each step

Gain access to free tips and tools to help you execute your search

Enjoy access to the Your Path College Consulting - eBook Q&A forum

Save time, money and stress as you rapidly executive a robust strategy

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