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#10: Five Expert Tips for Getting Unstuck During Your College Search

For most families, especially those going through the process for the first time, the college exploration process is long, challenging, and oftentimes very confusing. And like most anything else that is long, challenging, and confusing, there are bound to be moments along the way where you feel lost, overwhelmed and panicked. Here’s what you can do to overcome and advance!

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#7 Market Yourself: Effective Strategies for Standing Out (Part I of III)

Both as a school counselor and now as a college strategist, one of the most frequent questions i’m asked is, “How can I differentiate myself from peers with the same, or better, course load, standardized test scores, and/or GPA?” Because I know a lot of my readers probably have this same question, I have decided to create a three-part blog series to reveal some of my favorite strategies. I’m going to try to be as specific as possible to give you suggestions you can work with. We’re going to start by talking about the importance of Passion Projects and what it means to Formulate Your Story!

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Such Great Heights: Five Unique Tips for Gaining New Perspectives on College

I always try to encourage my clients and blog readers to make an intentional effort to “think beyond” their current world; especially in the early stages of college exploration. Even if they have firm beliefs about what they want, I still urge them to throw a few wild cards into the mix if for no other reason than to test their convictions.

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#5 Don’t Know What You Want? There’s a Post for That!

The truth is, there is no way any of us, even the most certain, can know for sure where our life will lead or that we will meet with success. We can only put ourselves in positions where success and happiness are probable. And that is good news if you are an uncertain student…Once we accept that, we can start to make some assumptions that help address the challenge.

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