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Your Path has formed strategic partnerships with athletic clubs and programs of all sizes to bring a custom suite of FREE services to their members.  Our aim is to help partner organizations bring an extra layer of value that goes beyond the playing field and recruitment strategies (i.e. we typically focus on the college search, application and essay processes, but can also assist with athletic recruitment if desired).  We work with new partners to understand their vision and needs and are very careful to not duplicate efforts.  A typical program would look something like this:


We aim to give one to two  presentations a year.  Ideally, we offer an initial kick-off presentation, then a more advanced presentation several months later.  We have standard topics, but also tailor the discussions based on needs.

Free Consultation

We offer members a free 30-minute consultation.  We let the family guide the conversation to their areas of need, but also have topics ready for those that are unsure.  There is never any sales pressure.

Special “Office Hours”

Through our online community we encourage email questions, but we also run “office hour” weeks where club members can email their questions.  We can also do full-team live webinar Q&A sessions.

Customized Support

As mentioned, those are just some common offerings, but we are always happy to discuss other ideas and/or create custom programs.  For example, we created our online courses with our club partners in mind!

Interested in forming a partnership or scheduling a group presentation?  Use the Contact Form below and let’s see what works!

My Philosophy

College is one of the top three investments in most people’s lives. I believe students deserve affordable, professional guidance.

Why Your Path?

Resources Are Scarce

From school counselors to club coaches and teachers there are knowledgeable people all around, but whether its case loads, contracts or capacity it’s difficult to get the attention one needs. 

The Full Picture

From coaches to SAT tutors there’s an expert for most aspects of the college search & application process, but experts that can guide the full process, from athletics to academics are rare.

It’s About The Future

Most people research the five pillars (academics, geography, financial, social, extra-curricular), but too often lose sight of the long-term impact of their decision (i.e. what will bring lasting value?)

Time Is Valuable

With effort most people can get to a sensible college investment – but the more time one spends organizing, planning and framing their search the less time they have for decision-making (and life).

Hi. I’m JulieAnne,

I’m an Ivy League trained school counselor with a decade of work experience in the fields of college counseling, school counseling, and teen development.  In addition, I’m a former NCAA Division-I scholarship soccer player and collegiate academic advisor for Division-I student-athletes.

There’s so much in life that brings me joy, but nothing more than helping people smile!

And one of my favorite ways to achieve that is by helping students (and their families) think about college in new ways; guiding them as they reap the long-term benefits that come from treating their college decision as an investment in their long-term life strategy.

With this goal in mind I aim to help clients:

  • save time, money and stress throughout the college search process.
  • learn valuable decision-making skills that can be applied throughout life.
  • plan for their academic, athletic and financial goals.
  • maximize the long-term value of their college investment.
  • develop strategies to market themselves to target schools.

For those students that dream big and are looking to take their college search one step further, my blog and services are dedicated to you. Whether you join as a client or simply enjoy the free content I hope I can play a role in helping you reach your goals.

And if you are still wondering if Your Path is right for you, I hope you will take a moment to review my professional qualifications below.

All the Best!

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