The ideas, tips, strategies and tools shared on this website, within my blogs, via emails sent to members of the online community (or otherwise) and/or shared via telephone conversations only represent my opinions and are in no way meant to be construed as definitive facts.  I have 9-years of professional experience helping students with the college exploration and application process; however, there are many ways to successfully find and apply to colleges that fit your needs.  In no way do my views guarantee that you will be satisfied with your school of attendance, the circumstances of your life before, during and/or after college, or that you will gain admission to a school of your choice – and my views should only be contemplated/considered as part of your holistic due diligence process.  You must make an independent decision regarding the best way to approach (and best strategies to apply to) your college search, application and decision process – as well as to your other endeavors (both today and in the future).  All the best!  Good Luck!