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We’re always looking for new ways to serve students and families, and below you’ll find a brief summary of our most popular services.  But if you don’t see what you’re looking for don’t worry.  We pride ourselves on flexibility and are always happy to craft a more personalized experience!

One-on-One College Search

Our 1:1 College Exploration program is geared towards freshman, sophomores and early-year juniors that want highly-structured professional guidance as they design, organize and implement their college search plan.  The program can be adjusted based on your current progress, but, in general, focuses on identifying personal success criteria, initial target list building, techniques for researching and ranking schools, effective campus visits and early high-school application strategy.

One-on-One Essay Assistance

Our 1:1 Essay Assistance program is geared towards second semester juniors and first-semester seniors that want highly-structured professional guidance as they plan, organize and write their college admissions essays.  The program can be adjusted based on your current progress, but, in general, focuses on prompt selection, finding and framing your story, personal insight integration, application enhancement and effective writing techniques.

Live Guidance Online Courses

We offer two live-guidance e-courses that directly mirror our one-on-one services with the added benefit of enhanced flexibility and greatly reduced cost: College Search Companion and The Your Path College Essay E-course.  These courses use a combination of weekly video modules, weekly assignments, unlimited email assistance and live interaction to help you reach your academic goals. Find out more by visiting our online school at

Club Partnerships

Given my personal and professional background I realized there is a significant gap in regards to college strategies for athletes. High school athletes have access to coaches and counselors, but so often lack someone with the time, experience and resources to help them pull all the pieces together into a comprehensive strategy. Check out my club partnership page to learn more.

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