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College Search Starter Kit


College Search Starter Kit

Whether you’re just beginning your college search or need a little boost, I’ve organized some of my favorite blog posts to help drive your search forward – and I’d love to hear your feedback!

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#1 Start Here (PDF)

Welcome to the College Search Start Kit.  Here are a few tips
to get your started.

#2 Invest in Yourself

Investments should evolve and grow over time to bring new value.  College should be like that.

#3 Decision Framework

Leveraging the college exploration process to teach a life-long framework for decision-making

#4 Value Investing

What does it mean to invest in college and how does that change my thought process?

#5 Uncertain Students

Practical guidance for making a wise college investment when you don’t know what you want.

#6 Excessive Debt

Don’t let debt be an anchor on your future.  Think strategically before making a final decision.

#7 Marketing Youself

Effective strategies you can use to better market yourself to your
top choice schools.

#8 Student-Athletes

Practical tips for navigating the recruiting process and going after what you want.

#9 Studying in the U.S.

Special considerations for international students – and valuable prespective for everyone.

#10 Getting Unstuck

Some of my favorite strategies to get you moving forward again when you’re feeling stuck.

#11 Tips on Debt

In this post I put numbers to average student debt loads – plus give five recommendations

#12 A Special Video

A special video for you to watch as you begin your college exploration journey.  All the best!

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